Altus denoising software is designed to be compatible with any Monte Carlo 3D rendering system. We know you care about quality so Our website demo modules allow prospective purchasers to observe how Altus denoising software improves the performance of a range of popular path tracers and ray tracers, including Arnold, Maxwell, PBRT, and V-Ray. High dynamic range illustrations of before and after 3D renderings illustrate the striking improvements resulting from Altus denoising.


Arnold 4.2.16 and above fully supports all our recommended AOVs and works great with Altus. This demo module include before and after renderings of round objects and plastic soldiers, both showing edge and detail preservation. View the Altus with Arnold Demo


The demo module featuring Altus with Maxwell includes an image of a faucet and a Nikon camera. Altus denoises both scenes. The faucet noise is completely removed while retaining sharp edge definition.Nikon image is denoised without making the text illegible. Each example includes an explanation of how Altus was applied to each 3D rendering – along with stunning contrasts between the before and after visuals. View the Altus with Maxwell Demo


Images of San Miguel and Sibenik illustrate the ability of Altus to bring grainy images into crisp focus when combined with PBRT. The image of San Miguel includes intricate details of greenery. The image of Sibenik contains depth of field effects that are fully preserved as well as a bunch of fireflies which are filtered away. View the Altus with PBRT Demo


The examples of how Altus works with V-Ray include a blond girl that showcases hair, a shaman with highly detailed skin textures displayed against a black background, and modern furnishings in a clean architectural visualization of a modern room. Altus denoises each scene while preserving the details in textures, hair and particles. It brings out each strand of hair on the girl’s head, while the details of the shaman are preserved in vivid detail. The various textures of the leather chair, wooden flooring, lampshades, curtains, and area rugs in the white room are clear and sharp. View the Altus with V-RAY demo


All Altus downloads, including our SDK, are free for evaluation purposes, but insert a watermark over your render. To remove the watermark, purchase the licenses you'll need to get your project finished quickly.

If you want to say goodbye to expensive, slow 3-D renders, check out what Altus can do.