Discontinuing node-locked licenses

We’re simplifying our licensing options. As of May 4, we’ll only be offering direct sales of floating licenses. Floating licenses let you run Altus on any machine you’d like, provided you’re able to connect to your provisioned license server. We’ve removed the node-locked purchase options because many customers have purchased them only to realize it’s simply not versatile enough, creating support headaches for both you and us. If you have a specific use case where … Read More

Great News! Altus now costs 50% less!

That’s right! We’ve listened to your recent feedback and have cut our prices by as much as 50%. For both node-locked and floating, you’ll save 50% off our previous prices per month. For a semi-annual and annual licenses, you’ll get one month and three months free, respectively, just like before. Check out our new pricing at http://www.innobright.com/product/altus-purchase-options/. If you’re a current Altus customer, you should have received information about how we are adjusting your subscriptions … Read More

Innobright Altus 1.3 now available

Altus 1.3 is ready! We’re later than we’d like, but unlike the leap day the next release of Altus will be well within 4 years. Altus is now quite a bit smarter in GPU mode. If you have a multi-GPU setup, Altus will automatically choose the card with the most memory. If a failure occurs while operating in GPU mode, Altus will automatically restart in CPU mode so your image will filter no matter what. … Read More

Innobright Altus 1.2 available

After staying up late New Years Eve fixing last-minute bugs, Altus 1.2 is now available! Are you held up on evaluating Altus because it was difficult to run? Callie has created a video walking through the setup for Altus for Windows. Watch it now. If you haven’t purchased Altus yet, evaluating Altus’ denoising performance may have been difficult because of the oppressive watermark. We’ve listened to you and made the watermark significantly less conspicuous for … Read More

Altus 1.1 available for download

Dear innobright user, We are excited to announce the availability of Altus 1.1 release for download.  Please visit innobright.com and click on the Downloads link to access the 1.1 release. Our enhanced website has pricing information and lets you purchase Altus! Please visit Products -> Altus Purchase Options page to purchase the watermark-free version of Altus. We also updated our Support -> Documentation page and we are constantly improving our FAQ page. We look forward … Read More