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Altus denoising software provides clean, denoised rendered images for architecture, graphic design, product design and advertising. Whether you are an architect, advertising executive, or work in product design, Altus allows you to create clean renders faster, while saving money. It’s a win-win prospect all the way around.




Architecture involves both art and science – engineering and design. Back in the day, creating realistic renderings required significant time and effort. Altus denoising software, used in combination with computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided modeling (CAM) software, allows architects to create cleaner, 3D renders – in less time.


Poor-quality renderings can kill an image, and give a cheap, amateurish look to the best visual effects. But creating high-quality visuals often requires time and money beyond the resources of a tight production budget. Altus cleans up the noise that often pollutes visual effects – without slowing things down to a halt – and at a significant savings.


A popular truism warns against judging a book by its cover. Nevertheless, visual presentation represents a significant aspect of product design. With Altus denoising software, visual renderings of innovative new products look just as amazing as the inventions themselves.


To a large extent, the medium is the message in advertising. With Altus denoising 3-D rendering, advertising images pop with vivid color and rich detail, and adding Altus won’t add a big price tag to advertising budgets that are frequently stretched thin.



One of the most useful aspects of Altus is the ability to work with Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems along with any Monte Carlo based 3-D rendering configuration. Altus is designed to integrate seamlessly into digital content creation (DCC) and compositing packages, render farm queue automation, and a wide variety of renderers.


Altus is versatile and fully compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is also user-friendly – designed for seamless integration into any Monte Carlo based 3-D rendering configuration. As an added bonus, our website contains a rich assortment of documentation, demo modules, and other resources designed to make installing and using Altus hassle-free. And of course, real time help is available as well.


Not sure Altus is for you? Our website demos allow you to see how Altus improves the performance of a range of popular programs, including Arnold, Maxwell, PBRT, and V-Ray.


We’ve designed a wide variety of tutorials to help users through every step of the Altus process, from installation to configuration.


Our User’s Forum is a great place to learn more about Altus and share what you know with others. From frequently asked questions, to one-off issues, our community of users is here to help you.


All Altus downloads, including our SDK, are free for evaluation purposes, but insert a watermark over your render. To remove the watermark, purchase the licenses you'll need to get your project finished quickly.

If you want to say goodbye to expensive, slow 3-D renders, check out what Altus can do.