Altus is included with Redshift.  No extra downloads required!

Innobright’s Altus is the first multi-platform, Monte-Carlo render denoising system. Now you can generate fast, noisy renders, with smaller samples per pixel (SPP) and denoise them to produce high quality images. Get the quality you want, in a fraction of the time.

Now with Redshift 2.5 you can use the Altus denoiser inside the renderer.

Altus-Redshift FAQ

Altus-Redshift Licenses

  • Integrated with Redshift
  • Easily denoise in Redshift
  • Altus-Redshift requires a Redshift License



Node-Locked Licenses



Altus ServerPro includes Altus Studio and our command line denoiser (CLD). Gain the ability to denoise animation with temporal filtering which will increase the quality of the final denoised animation sequence. Automate you denoising with the fully-featured command-line denoiser.

Contact us for discounted pricing for Altus-Redshift users:

Altus-Denoiser FAQ

Altus ServerPro Licenses

  • Discounted price for Redshift users
  • Denoises renders from any Monte Carlo 3D renderer
  • Features Graphical User Interface (GUI) in Altus Studio
  • Command Line included for automation and serverfarms
  • RLM (Reprise License Manager)
  • Licenses can be shared with multiple computers

Floating Licenses


Buy Annual Subscriptions of Altus ServerPro

Reduced Rendering Time

Rendering complicated scenes with hundreds of textures, millions of models, volumetric effects and ever more complicated shaders simply takes too much time. Altus denoising software ends that dilemma. Adding Altus to 3D rendering dramatically cuts render time, with no compromise in the quality of rendered images.

To 4K and beyond

Can you handle an upgrade to 4K, 8K, and beyond? Altus reduces the samples you need to create high-quality, denoised images and animation making rendering 4K, 8K, and higher images possible with your existing setup without cost-prohibitive upgrades.


Altus Denoiser is  GPU-accelerated to run as fast as possible on NVidia and AMD hardware. Just like Redshift, Altus can leverage high performance computing to get you results quicker. Altus is also compatible with CPUs and integrated chipsets like Intel.