Altus is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of operating systems (OS), popular 3D Renderers, and pipeline configurations. Extensive documentation make installing, configuring, and optimizing Altus an easy process for novices and experienced developers alike. Please see below for a summary of resources that can help you accomplish the best performance with Altus.


This video covers what Altus is and our recommended settings and processes for best possible performance.


This video is a demonstration of the GUI elements in the Altus software.



Altus installation tutorials and documentation are invaluable for novices and experienced developers. Step-by-step instructions are provided for Windows, Mac, Linux, and command line installation, along with system requirements for each OS. View our setup documentation



Integrating third-party software into existing software and hardware configurations can present real challenges. That’s why Altus is designed to be flexible and adaptable to a variety of 3-D rendering configurations. In addition, clear, detailed video and text tutorials are designed to provide a seamless process for adding Altus to nearly any 3-D rendering setup. View our configuration documentation


Our fully functional watermarked Altus demo models allow users to “try it before they buy it.” Our extensive documentation provides examples for a variety of setups, to allow users to determine the optimal configuration for making Altus work with their existing pipeline architecture. Our tutorials will walk you through using Altus and adjusting the parameters for the best performance. View our usage documentation



Innobright also provides real-time help as a backup to our excellent documentation and tutorials. Users of the demo and customers who have purchased Altus software, receive priority customer support. Help is available at every step of the process, from installation and setup to fine tuning and specialized modification. Support for our software development kit (SDK) are also available for developers who wish to integrate and adapt Altus software for custom renderers, compositors, or specialized systems. Contact our support


All Altus downloads, including our SDK, are free for evaluation purposes, but insert a watermark over your render. To remove the watermark, purchase the licenses you'll need to get your project finished quickly.

If you want to say goodbye to expensive, slow 3-D renders, check out what Altus can do.