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Innobright Technologies: Monte Carlo 3D render denoising for still images and animations in the CGI, Visual Effects (VFX), ArchVis (Architectural Visualization), and Scientific Visualization industries

Introducing Altus – the world’s first multi-platform, Monte Carlo render denoising system

Altus gives you the quality you want, in a fraction of the time.

Altus lets you generate fast, noisy renders with smaller samples per pixel (SPP) and filters them to product high quality images/animation.
Altus seamlessly integrates into your workflow and accelerates Monte Carlo renders by 200% to 1200%! See more demos here.

Watch how to use the Altus 1.5 GUI here:

If you’re an advanced user or on Linux, watch how to use the Altus 1.5 command-line here:

To watch how to use Altus 1.0 through 1.4, check out our walkthrough for using Altus 1.4 and earlier.


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